Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Young Dii is now known as Fluent

I've gone by the name Young Dii since late 2005, over 300 shows, 200 + songs, 5 million youtube views and countless fans, downloads and sales Nationally and Internationally. I had to think about this for a long time and after talking to my brother Derrick Maurice Whitney my Dad Daniel Whitney,Greg Griffin Delwin SirAdams Ashley Prince Bryant Griffin-Bey Spencer Fracassa and a few other close friends its time to retire that name for something more unique that fits me better. So I will no longer be going by Young Dii. I know I can't possibly go back and change every single thing listed as Young Dii but thats the point. Im leaving it behind as I have grown so much and progressed far past anything I made back in the day. So to all my fans, friends and supporters just know this new name I picked fits me 100x better and I will be revealing it soon....

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